China Legal Watch  (英語版)

年間契約ジャーナル \111,800 (税込\117,390)




This journal will provide up-to-date information on the latest developments on PRC
Legislation, accompanied with expert commentary and other features pertaining to China Law.



--Regular issues to keep readers abreast of current and future developments in China Law

--Systematic analysis by China Law experts provide reader-friendly & practical reference

--The journal will be a useful complement to CCH's existing titles on PRC legislation

Contents Include :

1. Features

Lawyers and professionals in related fields will write expert commentary on current legal issues, future developments and the significance of major national and regional legislation.


2. Interviews

Interviews of major players in the profession. This may include government authorities, government officials responsible for the drafting of the legislation, partners of law firms, and directors of multinational corporations, etc.


3. Translations

Translations of major national and regional legislation


4. Summaries of new laws

Updates on the latest, significant national and regional legislation


* 10 issues of China Legal Watch journal per year
* e-mail bulletins with updates on the latest developments, topics appearing in the next issue of the journal and event listings


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