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With the increasing challenges facing HR professionals today, access to the most up-to-date, informed intelligence on the latest trends in the marketplace is vital to the success of any business venture. China STAFF keeps readers informed on all these issues, continuously tracking the latest HR developments in China and Hong Kong.


*Regular Articles *Legal Briefing *Case Studies *Regular Features


*10 issues (including approximately 2 bumper issues) per year
*A free copy of China STAFF Human Resources Directory
*China STAFF e-mail alerts

Feature & Benefits:

*Feature Articles

--Learn from other senior HR professionals in the region on topical HR issues including compensation, training,
leadership development, recruitment, health & safety, localization and labor law
--Thought-provoking analysis of topics that are of critical concern to senior HR professionals in the region


*Legal Briefing

--Benefit from practical advice offered by the region's leading labor lawyers


*Case Studies

--Find out how some of the best organizations in the region operate through our case studies


*Regular Features

--See what some of the region's leading HR professionals say in our regular Executive Roundtable Forums
--The latest HR News snippets from Hong Kong and China
--Latest HR Data from around the region


*China STAFF e-mail Alert

--Receive a roundup of the latest HR news with comprehensive listings of regional upcoming HR events directly to
your computer each month


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